Monday, 23 April 2018

Hanging Fish!

Hi, I am starting this week of using paper on Tando.  A lot of us have lots of paper in our stash and using it on chipboard is an excellent way to use it up. 
For my project I have used One of Andy Skinners new *scrapmetal fish* which look fantastic painted up but also as good covered with paper!!!!
I added some tinting base/gesso first to seal the pieces, though its not really necessary.  Its a habit I guess hahaha!  Then I glued the pieces onto patterned paper...
This fish is around 11cm long.  I decided to mount it onto a tiny canvas. 
So I spread some *crackle paste* through the *Bubbles* stencil while I trimmed the paper from my fish.  Using Shadow grey  Archival Ink and a sponge I went around each piece before gluing them onto the base.  When dry the canvas was colour washed with blue.  I added some grey antiquing cream to the dots.  Looks a bit like fish bubbles :-D  A ribbon to hang it by and a sentiment were added.  Oh and don't forget the eye as I nearly did :-D
Thank you for looking today.  Take care , Karen xxx

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Mini Library!

Hello!!!!!!  For this 'Anything Goes' week I am showing you all the mini books from the *Mini Books Mega Pack* that I have made up (except the tall ones which are in another post).  I have also made up the very cute *Mini Book Store* to put them in!  I have kept the book store fairly plain as, for me, the mini books are the stars.
I used different way to decorate the books, just to show you what can be done on something so small!  On the bottom shelf are the larger ones (8x8cm) which have a cleverly designed bendy spine so it comes all in one piece.  I made three of these....
Using a stencil and modelling paste...
Paint and a bit of crackle....
Modelling paste again and a bit of crackle....
The smaller 6x6cm books come in 3 pieces so you need to add a piece around the spine to hold it together.  I have used fabric and lace for these.
This one has been run through an embossing folder...
I only used fabrics for this one...

Modelling paste through a stencil with a stamped and cut out butterfly...
This last one was covered with patterned paper and lace and has a wrap round string tie.  Not too sure about this one at all.
I have so many ideas and not enough books in the pack :-D  I must get some more!!!!!
No matter which way you decorate these little books have fun and do get the bookcase for them as they all look fabulous in there!!!
Take care, Karen xxx

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Twinchie #4

Hi, here I am with number 4 of 12 of the *twinchies* that I am decorating for this colour theme year over at Tando Creative.  Not the usual colours that I like to work with though.
I painted then stamped the background with a map stamp.  The *arrows* (which come in a mixed bag of 24) have just been painted and glazed.  The colour theme...
Thank you for taking a look, hugs, Karen xxx

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Large Hanging Butterfly

Hellooooo!  My project for Tando Creative this week is a large hanging *butterfly* from the Butterflies Mega Pack.  I have used the largest at 25 x 15cm.  You get 3 large butterflies and 54 (yes 54!) mini butterflies all in a plastic wallet!  So if you love butterflies this is a must have kit. 
I used some *modelling paste* through the *bubbles* stencil (love this one) before adding paint.  Then I added some *crackle glaze* to the bubbles and when dried added some *antiquing cream* into the cracks.
The small butterflies from the pack were painted and then over stamped with a butterfly image before glazing.  The words were stamped onto thin card, cut out and glued on.  Then I just added some wire to hang it by.
Thank you for popping by, take care, Karen xxx

Tuesday, 6 March 2018


Hello!  Tando Creative have had some new products out to show you :-D  I have been decorating a mini binder which is perfect for the 82x148mm stencils.  Though you could of course use it for anything!!!

It is cut all in one piece and the magic is in the 'bends' so its very straightforward to decorate!

The spine...

Thank you for popping by, Take care, xxx

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Twinchie #3

Hellooooo!  Its colour theme week again over at Tando and I have added to my collection with another *Twinchie* for you.

This time I have added a section of interlocking chipboard circles.  The insides were removed, painted and popped back in.  Here is the colour swatch I used.....

Thank you for popping by, take care xxx

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Happy St Valentine's Day!

Hello!  Its Valentine's week here in the UK and so I have brought you a heart...a big scribbly heart!!!
I have used the MDF Plaque with the matching greyboard piece from the *Mega Substrates Pack*.  (There are loads of goodies in this pack).  Working on the greyboard first I covered it with *Tinting Base* before adding some *Texture Paste* through the *Mini Mask* 
Then I painted some Primary Magenta over it.  I replaced the mask and added touches of Cobalt Teal Hue onto the dots, rubbing any bits of leftover paint around the rest of it.  Next came some *Crackle Glaze* over some of the dots which, when dry, were treated to some Antiquing Cream!  The heart was also painted in the Cobalt Teal with Crackle Glaze and Antiquing cream added afterwards.  The MDF base was treated the same way.
Trust the Magic of Love!!!!  Take care, Karen x